We are thrilled that everyone who uses our natural bath and body products, knows they are getting a quality product that is made with natural and organic ingredients worthy of use on your hair and body.

Before I created Bath Body Beyond, I tried several products on the market to use on my son’s eczema when he was born.

Then one day I started creating my own products from recipes passed down from my mother and like magic my son’s eczema was under control and till this day nonexistent.

Family members and friends wanted to know what I was doing different to aid my son’s eczema and at that point, they wanted the products I made for themselves. As my customer base began to grow, I thought about starting a business. I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to step in that arena because I knew nothing about starting a business.

I stepped out on faith and started my e-commerce business and never looked back, rather I didn’t have the time to look back. My products have been well received by customers, family members and friends for many years and the journey has been wonderful. 

I enjoy formulating products that aid in maintaining healthy skin and also healing the skin. I look forward to discovering and creating new products that are made from organic and natural ingredients as my research and creativity takes me down the rabbit hole, so to speak. I also look forward to presenting those products to you and enjoy and look forward to you feedback as well as your praises, that is the most fulfilling reward as a manufacturer of natural bath and body products.